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In this file, we will examine the different approaches to generate visits for free with free promotional tools on the net. These tools are practical both for boosting a site that is starting up and for generating a lot of traffic. They are a great help for reduce marketing expenses which remain very expensive for small budgets, and both to optimize the site to propel it to the top of the Google ranking. I will explain, from my experience, the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods, and some references that I have tested and selected for their quality of service.

How does it work ?

The basic operation of these programs is based on a trading principle: You do small, very simple tasks like watching the ads from other members and your ad will be seen. You display a banner on your site and yours will be displayed on the network, and so right now. With each task accomplished, you will be rewarded either in money or in virtual currency of the site which are most often credits. They, in turn, allow you to purchase services for your campaign within the network.

These tools are great, but doing tasks all day quickly gets boring and keeps you from doing other things. Fortunately, most of them offer a referral program that allows you to multiply your earnings. By referring other members, you earn a percentage of his credits or euros and become extensions of yourself. That's the whole point of these tools, you don't only advertising for free, but can earn some extra credits or euros effortlessly. This allows the network to grow every day with new members being added, bringing you new unique visitors for you. Each site has its own operating policy with some variations of functionality, but all work on the same principle exchange.

Part 1 - Autosurfs and PTCs (Paid To Click).

An autosurf is a tool for exchanging visits. In practice, you launch an automatic viewer and watch the sites scroll through a frame with a seconds counter. You must wait until the end of the countdown to validate your visit. The PTC is the same principle, but you have to click on the announcements to open the frame, you wait until the end of the countdown and it is validated.

Why are autosurfs and PTCs interesting ?

It is the first tool that allows you to obtain great visibility immediately. Thousands of visitors see your site within hours with a autosurf. You get around 300 visitors per hour and no limit, as long as you use it. It is interesting to inflate artificially your statistics in order to optimize your referencing in search engines. The more visitors your site receives, the more you move up the Google rankings.

There are two versions of autosurfs: manual or automatic

  • The automatic version scrolls automatically without any action on your part.
  • The manual version involves entering a validation code to move on to the next one.

Why do I recommend the manual version ?

The automatic version is interesting only to optimize SEO and earn money, but does not guarantee real visits, because most of people open the frame in a tab and don't watch the sites scroll. The manual version requires you to watch a minimum of advertising on your way home a validation code before proceeding to the next site. Some autosurfs/PTCs even go so far as to force visitors to stay in front of the advertisement without be able to leave the tab to reach the end of the countdown, otherwise the countdown stops when he leaves it. It is an anti-fraud system which guarantees the quality of the visits. With this version, your only inconvenience will be to spend time doing these tasks to collect your credits or money. But with real visitors, you have a better chance of converting and retaining your audience.

How to choose a good autosurf/PTC ?

  • The first criterion is to choose a manual version. You increase your statistics and get real visits with a higher rate of conversion.
  • The second criterion is the size of the network. The bigger a site, the more unique visitors you will have daily. These websites are closed systems, and therefore often the same people who see your advertising several times. With a small network, you will have few visitors unique with low yield. It takes a lot of subscribers to get more active members.
  • The third criterion is the quality of the surf. Very often, classic autosurfs accept anything and everything and this greatly alters surfing quality by slowdowns, viruses, unwanted windows and malicious scripts that crash your PC.
  • The fourth criterion is the referral program. This is essential to compensate for this working time, your efforts and multiply your gains.
  • The fifth criterion is the quality of the support. An active admin who responds quickly is a serious site. And better if a discussion forum is available to interact with the community.
  • The last criterion which is not mandatory but appreciable is the diversity of services and functionalities. Autosurf, banner printing or text with VIP status.

VIP or Premium status

VIP or Premium status is paid but allows you to benefit from various advantages compared to free members. This may be bonuses of credit, assigned referrals, better paid commissions, reduced surfing time, the list goes on.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons

  • Very easy to use
  • A lot of traffic in record time
  • Marketing budget savings
  • SEO Optimization
  • Quick wins
  • Few actual visitors for automatic programs
  • Working time for members without affiliates
  • Closed system (no visitors outside of the autosurf)

Comparison of sites in tabular form

Here is a list of sites that I have selected for their quality of service.

Leadsleap.com EasyHits4U.com Ebesucher.fr
banner banner banner
Description Excellent site with many features and very effective free tools. Residual income on the VIP subscriptions of your direct referrals + daily and weekly income sharing. Ability to convert credits into cash. Exchange of visits, widgets on your site, emails and viral articles to your downline, pop up, shortened and paid links, link rotator, autoresponder service and more. Very good multigains site which is more than an autosurf. The site also offers tools to manage your business with capture page creation services and the rotator tool that will display your affiliate links randomly in a single link. Paid autosurf. After converting your points into cash, you can either withdraw your earnings, or buy site campaigns with surfbarre services, click-through campaigns (PTC), emails. You are paid to click, read emails and surf
Subscription Free VIP Free VIP Free VIP
Type of autosurf Manual Manual Automatic
Language English English Multilingual
Premium Status icone icone icone
Gains 0.1 credits per 5 sec up to 3 minutes 0.1 credits per 5 sec up to 3 minutes 1 credit/20 sec 1 credit/10 sec 1 point/30 sec
Sponsorship commission 25% per month + credits 50% per month + credits 5% 20% Level 1: 8% Level 2: 5%
Sponsorship level 10 levels Direct 2 levels
Banner printing service icone icone icone icone icone
Banner exchange service icone icone icone icone icone
Text ads icone icone icone icone icone
Link exchange service icone icone icone icone icone
Remuneration on purchases icone 10% 40% Niveau 1: 5% Niveau 2: 8%
Country targeting (Geolocation) icone icone icone icone icone
Service article icone icone icone icone icone
Register Register Register

See the full list of programs here

Frequently asked Questions

Which sites are accepted ?

Almost all sites and blogs, except adult sites. There are specific autosurfs for this category. For the rest, it's like everywhere, the sites with polemics, defamatory, crooks, incitement to violence and other illegal activities are not accepted.

Is there an anti-fraud system ?

On those that I selected yes, the admins are demanding on the quality of the sites and the members. People who open multiple accounts and cheaters who use software are immediately detected and banned.

Can we make money ?

Yes, you earn commissions on your affiliates' earnings, credit purchases, paid site services and/or VIP/Premium subscriptions of your referrals.

What is VIP/Premium status ?

VIP or Premium status is paid but allows you to benefit from various advantages compared to free members. This may be credit bonuses, affiliates awarded, higher paid commissions, less surf time, the list goes on.

Posted 06/28/18. Last updated 10/10/18

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