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InfinityTrafficBoost is a simple yet powerful advertising and revenue system that will pay you Bitcoin daily for surfing and referring others to do the same. Even better, you can earn bigger and bigger commissions on your affiliates up to 80% off their purchases of their TPO (Traffic Options Package) advertising products. Do you have more time than money? Well, we'll show you how to get started fast and start earning right away. Maybe you have more money than time? Fantastic, we will show you how you can earn compensation instantaneous and massive that they pay infinitely on the purchases of your referrals, both in depth and in breadth. ITB provides you with all the benefits of recurring revenue, quality advertising and pay on demand in multiple currencies.

Earn credits – First, you earn credits by surfing other members' sites. You earn 0.25 credits per page visited. Second, you get credits on the activity of your direct affiliates. You earn 0.10 credits per page visited. Third, by purchasing TPO. You are free to allocate these credits on your sites, banners or text ads. Unfortunately there is no country targeting option, but you still get clicks on your banners and advertisement. If your affiliate link works internationally, this won't be a problem.

Earn money – ITB is an advertising platform that gives you the opportunity for income while allowing you to promote your product, program or service. Surf to earn Bitcoin and advertising credits in their system. You earn a surf reward for every 10 pages you surf and the number of pages you can surf to earn rewards. actions is determined by your TPO level. Even better, when you invite others to join ITB, you will also earn a reward Surf Pool for every 50 sites they surf on the day.

Earn by Referring Others - This is where the program's powerful potential lies. The compensation plan that allows you to earn up to 80% infinite commissions on the 11 TPO advertising packages purchased by your affiliate network! The more you invite world to join your team, the more your commissions will evolve exponentially, without limit, both in depth and breadth. You can start completely free and use your earnings to buy your first TPO package.

To maintain maximum commissions on as many TPO package sales as possible you must surf and buy. The higher the TPO you buy, the less you need to surf to earn. Additionally, you are able to earn 80% commissions on the level of the package you purchased TPO PLUS the higher TPO level.

Advertising services – Apart from autosurfing, you have two other ways to spend your credits:
- Banners: Your banners rotate in the autosurf rotator, displayed at the top in the countdown strip.
- Text ads: Your ads also appear in the autosurf rotator in small print just below the banners.

Build your marketing downline – Grow your teams effortlessly and at no additional cost. This program offers to build your marketing network on other sites similar, competitors, that you have joined or wish to join. To take full advantage of this free service, all you need to do is enter your sponsorship codes or nicknames in the empty fields and save. Thus, your direct referrals who will register on this list of sites containing your codes, will automatically become your affiliates.

Posted 06/29/20. Last updated 06/29/20

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